Shana is a 19 year old artist from Surrey, UK who has been recording and performing since 2017.  Her music is pop with influences from jazz and ska. She interprets her life experiences through sassy songs "Don't Want Your Love" and "Friends and Business", as well as some smooth chill out sounds. 


She has developed a style of writing that touches the very soul. Drawing you into your life's reflection.  Deep, meaningful and relevant material is what she does best. Vocally trained she continues to experiment with her creativity in songwriting and her passion for performance. 

Shana's introduction to performing music was in the church at an early age, coupled with growing up in a musical family. She continues to be immersed in a music environment as a student at the Academy of Contemporary Music studying creative artistry.

Shana is building up her portfolio of original material which she performs at local venues in Surrey and London. Her latest addition is 'I'm That Girl" which was launched on 29th August 2019.   In 2017 she was nominated for Best Showcase Track for Eagle3 radio for her debut single Friends and Business.  Since then the station have been supporting all of her tracks. 

Support Shana and get to know her more by following her on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify.  All her songs are on the usual platforms - see Music page.